Customized Solutions for Your Business

At C-Suite, we take a consultative approach with our clients and candidates to deliver highly-customized staffing solutions.  We tailor each search experience to make the perfect match.  This means getting to know our clients and candidates thoroughly, and, as your search partner, providing complimentary consulting services.  We offer:

  • Compensation benchmarking to assess the market competitiveness of salary and benefits
  • Organizational evaluation to ensure appropriate staffing and reporting structures of support staff
  • Coaching on how to best incorporate veteran staff with new hires and adequately manage the potentially new division of labor
  • Evaluation of search requirements and job description to ensure clarity and viability of the search
  • On-site assessment of our client’s business, unique culture and recruitment requirements
  • Face-to-face candidate interview with our specialized recruiters in order to comprehensively evaluate career goals, work experience, technical skills, and personality

the exceptional administrative experience

We take pride in pairing your organization with proven administrative professionals who continuously surpass expectations.  While we always go beyond the resume to make the best professional match, we also understand that quantifiable results speak volumes.  Our executive recruiters carefully screen each candidate before they are presented to you as a viable addition to your business.  Additionally, at your request, we are able to test our candidates on their abilities in two ways:

  1. We distribute standardized tests to candidates.  These standard tests range from computer literacy and internet research skills, to software testing (Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Products, etc.), deductive reasoning, and language proficiency, among others.
  2. We take time to develop customized questions for your search, based on the demands of the position and your company culture.  These questions, designed to challenge the candidate into thinking outside of the box, are also indicative of their deductive reasoning skills and ability to anticipate needs in addition to serving as writing samples.

For more information and to our discuss candidate testing capabilities, please contact us.